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    Posted on: June 14, 2017
    Posted by: Graphicworks Staff

    Wayfinding signs, also known as directional signs, are a great asset for any company that’s in a large or confusing building. If your company’s building is huge, your visitors could easily get lost in it, defeating the purpose of them coming to you in the first place. However, wayfinding signs can help anyone who visits your building get to where they need to be quickly. Installing these interior signs will only benefit both you and your visitors. Read on to learn more about how wayfinding signs can help you!

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    Inform and Instruct

    If you have areas of your building or property that aren’t safe for the general public to visit, let them know with wayfinding signs. You can install “DO NOT ENTER” or “KEEP OUT” signs as well as signs with arrows on them indicating the correct path to take. This will ensure that your customers or visitors won’t get injured or get into dangerous situations.

    Another way to inform and instruct visitors is with those signs with arrows pointing in the right direction. You can point them towards the cafeteria, restrooms or bookstore (if you’re lucky enough to have one of those).

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    ADA Compliance and Wayfinding Signs

    There are also certain regulatory and compliance aspects of designing and installing wayfinding signs. The ADA, or Americans with Disabilities Act, requires certain wayfinding and room signs to have Braille lettering on them. This aids people with vision impairments. Also, certain signs should have raised lettering, as well as a readable font with good color contrast. These are only a few of the requirements, but they’re a good place to start.

    exterior ADA signs for Denver CO

    You Can Still Get Creative

    Just because there are certain regulatory requirements for wayfinding signs doesn’t mean all of your signs have to be boring black and white. You can still jazz them up with some color, as long as there is a strong dark-to-light contrast and vice versa. It would be wise to choose colors that match your brand. This will guarantee that your visitors will recognize your signs as part of your company, which is especially important when you own and operate under more than one roof.

    Get Your Wayfinding Signs Today

    You know now that wayfinding signs can definitely make a positive impact for your visitors. They help inform and instruct, aid persons with disabilities and just generally guide people on where to go. So, don’t wait! Get your wayfinding signs today from Graphicworks Sign Company. Contact us now for a free quote.