• How to Design Exterior Signs for Denver CO
    Posted on: January 23, 2017
    Posted by: Brad Block

    There are several considerations you need to take into account when you are starting a business. For example, you need to figure out what employees to seek out, who you want to market to, and where you want to spend your budgeted funds. As you try to attract new business, your signage is also of paramount importance. Vital Signs USA is here to assist you with attention-grabbing signage. Pay special attention to the following features as you design exterior signs for Denver CO.

    Your Colors

    exterior signs for Denver COOne of the most alluring elements of any sign is its colors. Choosing the right shades from the thousands available will determine how successful your signage is. You have to make sure your colors are creating the look you want. For example, red is a power color, blue is associated with tranquility, green will show you care about the environment, white conveys a sense of purity, and yellow means joy or happiness.

    Your Font

    exterior signs for Denver COAlso referred to as typefaces, fonts are crucial for communicating your organization’s services, values, and products. They typically produce an emotional reaction for onlookers. There are three basic styles of fonts: sans serif, script, and serif. Each projects a specific image. For instance, sans serif usually lends a modern appearance.

    Sign Location

    exterior signs for Denver COYou must think about the size, potential obstacles, and the display height when planning a sign installation. Consumers can easily disregard your sign if they cannot see it. And, they may not see a sign that is mounted too high. Also, who is your target demographic? Are they on foot or driving? If you want your sign to be seen by motorists, it needs to be larger.

    Your Message

    exterior signs for Denver COYou have about three seconds to grab the attention of potential customers with your outdoor signage. This makes it imperative for you to get your point across quickly and effectively while communicating your business’s purpose. Succinct signage wording will help you do this. This include adding your enterprise’s name and motto to your signs. You should also have a quality, professional logo that makes it clear what industry you are in. After all, pictures say more than words.

    Tips for Successful Exterior Signs

    Keep the following in mind as you design your outdoor markers:

    • Do not underspend. Since your signs are your top marketing tools, you should be willing to spend a little more for top-quality signs and logos.
    • Keep your branding consistent.
    • Do not overcrowd your sign or use too many colors.
    • Do not be afraid to take risks.
    • See what elements other successful businesses are showcasing.
    • Take the time to consider your potential size, color, and font options. Since signs are the first impression people will get of your company, make them notable.
    • Ensure your signs are legible.

    These are the main tips we give our clients. When making suggestions for your signage project, Graphicworks Sign Company takes all of these factors into consideration. If you would like to leave the design of your exterior signs for Denver CO to the experts, contact us today for a free consultation!

    exterior signs for Denver CO