• Better than Billboards: Vehicle Wraps by GraphicWorks
    Posted on: May 12, 2017
    Posted by: Graphicworks Staff

    Billboards are big and expensive and they serve only one purpose: getting your name out there to drivers on the road. Billboards have their place, but there are other options to get noticed by drivers. You don’t need to rent space on a billboard by a highway. You probably already own space that travels up and down highways. Why invest in a billboard when you could get the same results from a vehicle you already use? Vehicle wraps by GraphicWorks Sign Company turn your personal vehicles into moving, multi-purpose billboards.

    Something Similar

    One of the main things that vehicle wraps have in common with billboards is the fact that they both advertise your business non-stop. Until they’re taken down, these two advertising solutions continue to present your name and information to anyone who passes them. But the vehicle wrap has one great advantage. The vehicle wrap is much more affordable.

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    One of the major reasons that a vehicle wrap is the better option is that it puts your name on your work. When you drive your truck or van to the job site or you park your delivery van out front of someone’s house, people can actually see your work. They see you doing your work. They see the job you’ve done. Unless you put a billboard up everywhere you start working, you’ll never get that kind of brand-building from a billboard.

    There’s also the fact that a billboard only serves one purpose. A billboard makes you money by advertising your business to people. A vehicle with a vehicle wrap is doing the job you bought it for, getting you and your equipment to and from job sites, but it’s also advertising your business, which it does as well as, if not better than, a billboard.Vehicle graphics in Denver

    Another major difference and probably the most important is the fact that wrapped vehicles move. A car with a vehicle wrap can go from one end of your market to the next and advertise to everyone who passes on the way. A vehicle wrap can reach people who never would have had any idea your business even existed if they had not been behind your panel van at a red light. And let’s face it, even if you’re not moving, a vehicle wrap can make use out of the time you waste in traffic.


    A billboard might do a good job advertising your business, but a vehicle wrap does everything a billboard does at a more affordable price and while mobile. If you need ad space, use the space you already have and invest in a vehicle wraps.

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